How this Juice Hack Helped Me Reclaim My Body

The Story of How I Changed

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Hello, I'm Melissa. Mother of three beautiful children

I just found a way to go back to who I used to be...

When I was in my 20s and 30s, it was so easy.

I used to be

Be full of energy all day.

Eat burgers, fries, pizza, and ice cream without getting in trouble.

No matter what I eat, I never gain even an ounce.

Keep in shape without going to the gym at all.

Feel good about what I'm wearing, including my swimsuit.

But this changed...  somewhere in my early 40s.

After turning 40, EVERYTHING went downhill. Fast.

My body, which used to be slim and small, started getting bigger almost overnight. I couldn't just eat whatever I wanted, unless I wanted to carry that weight around with me for the rest of my life.

I used to burn off everything without thinking, but now it seemed like my body couldn't keep up.

My metabolism was not running as well as it used to.

My health was getting worse, and I could feel it. During the day, I felt so tired. And was falling asleep early in the evening in front of the TV.

I'm not like that!

So, I would go to bed earlier at night in the hopes that it would give me more energy the next day.

But it didn't work. Some nights I'd sleep for TEN HOURS, but I'd still be tired the next day.

I could tell it was bad. But even back then, I didn't know how bad things had gotten.

I ran into a high school friend of my daughter once. But at first, she didn't know who I was. I had to introduce myself to her. Then, she said something hurtful before she could stop herself. "Whoa, Mrs. I didn't recognize you. Back then, you were so much smaller."

Wow, that really opened my eyes.

I've never had a scale of my own. I've never needed it because I've always been fit. I knew I had to find out where I was, though. So I went out and bought one for the first time.

I took it home, put the battery in (it was one of those fancy digital ones), and stepped on.

I just couldn't believe what I saw! 209!

Wow, I was hit hard by that moment.

I went into the bathroom and made myself look in the mirror for a long time.

And I mean REALLY look.

Then I knew that I had to do something different. I was tired, bloated, and sticking out everywhere. I messed up.

The rest of the day, I kept thinking about what happened. I began to think about how it was hurting not only me but also my daughter. You see, I had been only thinking about myself for a long time. What about my girl, though? Was I going to help her at all?

As I was getting ready for bed that night, I made a choice.

It was time to get back to the "REAL ME"!

I tried everything that came to mind.

I tried to walk, but that didn't work either. And it took so much time for no real reason.

I changed what I ate. A lot of times.

I tried juice fasts, detoxes, removal plans.

I went meatless for a while, if you can believe it. And then moved to a high-protein plan that only included meat. I had also tried Keto, Paleo, and all the other diet trends.


EVERYTHING was failing!

I looked into the traditional home treatments I had heard about online.

I used to prepare strange mixtures in the kitchen.

lemons, lime juice, cider vinegar, and pickle juice. including one that employed SODA!

Have you heard the one about putting an onion next to your bed as you sleep to boost your energy? Yes, we did try it too!

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I should visit the doctor to hear his opinion. Perhaps I was more flawed than I thought.

My Doctor's Visit Did Not Go As Expected ...


I was sure that my doctor would say that I was to blame. To tell me I was weak and that all I needed to do was eat better and work out more.

Almost every doctor will say that.

But holy crap, I was wrong.

He said that he now had a very different idea of WHY it is so hard for women to keep weight off.

"You need to go after the cause," he told her.

"It's a little different," he said. "But there is a lot of good science behind it, and the women I have told this to have benefited from it."

What happened next surprised me...

He started to tell me about this old Juice hack that had just been found again. And that there were three really cool things about it.

There was no reason to change the way they ate.

There was no reason to work out.

Each day, it simply requires a few seconds.

I asked him if there was a place I could go to learn more about this juice hack because I was very interested in learning more and I prefer to conduct my own research.

He handed me a piece of paper with a webpage written on it.

I heard him say as I was leaving the office, "I honestly believe this will alter your life.


Well, I was eager to get home. Instead, I grabbed my phone as soon as I arrived to the car and started viewing the video.

I was glued to my screen as I sat there. Everything I learned from the video astounded me.

Could the solution really be something so straightforward? Really?

I'm So Appreciative What My Doctor Told Me

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I've been using this Juice Hack for a while, and I'm so happy.

I often find myself getting into clothes that I haven't worn in years.

And, of course, I also get to go shopping for new clothes. Now that's a lot of fun!

But having new clothes and looking good isn't even the best thing.

What matters most to me is that I'm feeling better and have energy again. I sleep well and wake up feeling rested. I have enough energy for the day.

I even started to like exercise. I had so much energy to burn that I had to do something.

Besides that...

I experience youth. I have a new lease on life after shedding the extra weight and feeling energized. It's like I'm thirty again.

I no longer want for munchies. I'm able to eat and feel full. I don't walk back and forth to the kitchen continuously seeking for anything to eat.

Even so, I still enjoy my best foods. I'm not at all eating "rabbit-food"!

My blood sugar is more steady, and I have energy that lasts all day. No highs and lows.

Imagine if I hadn't tried it because I was too skeptical!

I could have been doubtful when I first heard of this  juice hack.

I'm so happy I wasn't now.

I adore the person I have become into. I sense that the "REAL ME" has returned. She was gone for so long.

I am certain that I am now making progress with my health and will be here for my daughter. And eventually... be able to chase after my kids!

It's all because I discovered this ice cheat.

My friends and relatives began to ask me a lot of questions, and I grew weary of having the same discussion over and over.

I merely now provide them with a link to the identical data that was provided to me.

I'm powerless over this video.

There have been rumors that it may be removed because a significant pharmaceutical corporation is attempting to prevent the dissemination of this technique.

However, when I last checked, it was still online. Take a look for yourself.

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